The Best Sports Clubs and Spas When Staying at Amsterdam Zuidas

Expat workout, Zuidas clubs

Whether sport and relaxation are parts of your daily routine or something you do to remove layers of tension—sports clubs and spas are an important facility to find as you settle into your corporate adventure in the Netherlands. Staying in the Zuidas area? Here is a list to help get you started.

Spa Zuiver

This spa sport hotel focuses on rest, movement, and nutrition. And that’s fairly easy to do in a spa of 13,000 square meters, a full gym, and squash and tennis courts. Plus, the Amsterdamse Bos location is a real bonus.


Clubsportive promises an escape from the outside world that will leave you recharged and ready to go. Inside you will find studios, TechnoGym equipment, and even a 25-metre pool.

Gustav Gym

Embracing quality, professionalism, and personalisation Gustav Gym is a luxury boutique sports club. With a focus on the gym, classes, and personal training, facilities do also include a sauna and luxury showers.


This first official Aveda Lifestyle Spa in the Netherlands, offers treatments and services all using the Aveda product range. With late opening hours most days of the week, Dayspa makes it easy to grab a massage at the end of a busy workday.


Offering full body 45 and 60-minute workouts on a bike, set to candlelight and fuelled by great music, the classes at Rocycle are developed to leave you with a natural high. Perfect for busy people, with classes all day long, seven days a week and well-equipped changing rooms to help you get to your next meeting looking like a pro, after a great workout.


Rather not go out? Not a problem! Our New Amsterdam apartments have their own spa facilities. Meaning you can relax without needing to leave the building. Staying at Gershwin Brothers complex makes gymming equally easy, due to the broad variety of gyms and spa clubs available in the surroundings. Feel free to contact us if you need help with booking a session at any of the facilities listed above!