Experiences of a Resident

Nemeth Matus (3)


We know it has been a tough time with the restrictions, especially for expats. That’s why we decided to ask some of our residents about their experiences. What’s it like to stay with us during COVID, how do they deal with it? Matúš is staying with us for about four months now. On December 12, 2020 he checked in to a Premium One Bedroom Apartment in our New Amsterdam property at the Zuidas. Now, let’s get to know mr. Nemeth!

  • Before we start, could you please introduce yourself? 

Hi, my name is Matúš and I have arrived to Amsterdam from London, where I had been living for the past two years. While I am originally from Slovakia, I have travelled the world quite a bit so I am no stranger to staying away for extended periods of time. Due to COVID and long working hours in investment banking, exploring has become a bit more diffucult, but I did get to know the neighourhood quite well and my favorite place has to be Market 33 – just the idea of having 10 different food stands and a bar all in one place is amazing – there is so much to choose from and the servers are always helpful and nice.

  • When it comes to staying away from home for business, finding somewhere that is more than just a place to sleep can make all the difference. Why did you choose a serviced apartment of Corporate Housing Factory (instead of a hotel). What are the perks?

Definitely agree, I think having something akin to your own place that can be considered a home (although temporarily) is important. I personally like to experience what life is really like in the country or city I visit. Especially for longer term assignments, staying in an apartment instead of a hotel provides the “normal life” experience. Also for me, the biggest perks are that I can spend time on cooking (which is my favorite hobby), and do not have to spend time on cleaning (which my least favorite thing to do).

Last months a lot changed due to COVID-19. Can you tell me about your experiences as an expat in the Netherlands in times of corona?

  • Were you able to see something of our beautiful capital Amsterdam? If so, what did you enjoy most?

Unfortunately after the strict lockdown in January, very few places remained open, so I was not able to check any item off from my list of things to do and places to visit in Amsterdam. That does not mean I spend all my time at home though, I have been enjoying the local parks almost every weekend. Specifically, the nearby Beatrix Park with the interesting art installations and the central Vondelpark which is always  full of life. Both are great places for a quick walk or a bike ride.

  • Which wine/band/app/take-away place has kept you alive and well during the coronavirus crisis?

Typical millennial response here is Uber Eats (when I really do not feel like cooking) and Spotify (I listen to a lot of different stuff) for the app & band category, have had a great Dutch wine at a dinner with my colleague (cannot remember the brand unfortunately) and take-away place would go with the local grocery store, as I have always been able to find all the ingredients I need (when I DO feel like cooking).

  • Is there something you want to share with our community about working from (a temporary) home during these times?

Luckily for me, I was able to begin commuting to the office (which is just across the street from my apartment) pretty early on. So the “working” part got sorted very quickly and easily. The “temporary home” part is more interesting I think – Amsterdam is a beautiful city that, depending on which area you are in, can feel much smaller or much larger than it actually is, but always feels very welcoming. It is the goodness and the openness of the people you meet even during these trying times that stands out to me – from people in the streets, to store assistants, taxi drivers to receptionists and housekeepers at CHF, everybody seems to be in good spirits all the time no matter what.

  • And last but not least; what is the first thing you want to do when all corona measures are suspended?

Having a beer at a local pub with my colleagues and friends is definitely no.1 priority. Oh, and need to visit the Rijksmuseum, but beer is more important.