New Partnership Dutch Uncle for Extended Lifestyle Services

Dutch Uncle

We at Corporate Housing Factory are happy to announce our new partnership with Dutch Uncle! Our partner offers a range of lifestyle services that are an extension of the services that we provide. This is great news for our current and future guests as they’ll now simply be able to contact us when in need of any services that previously weren’t part of our repertoire. 

What is a Dutch Uncle?

The name Dutch Uncle is an informal term for someone who gives frank and direct advice to others. As such, Dutch Uncle aims to provide clear personal advice and services to clients based on their requests. With a handpicked network of local partners, they’re able to ensure that clients will have quality service. 

To give you a scope of what kind of conveniences their extended lifestyle services have to offer, we will name a few of the many interesting services. 

Schools, Nannies and more

For the expats relocating with children, it’s nice to know that Dutch Uncle offers services tailored towards your children’s needs. Their services include introduction calls for parents to know more about school options and even help with the application process. If you are already a guest and are busy with work or need a night off you’re also at the right place! Dutch Uncle also provides babysitting services so you can enjoy some time off. 

Practical Services 

Furthermore, they also provide other practical services  that are necessary when landing in a new country. Setting up health care and getting you in touch with a lawyer or notary if necessary sure is convenient. If you plan on continuing your hobbies once you arrive rest assured. Dutch Uncle can find any workshop, yoga class or gym that fits your personal needs. 

Want to become a local? 

Lastly, if you’re planning on becoming a real Dutchie, there are services special for you! Dutch Uncle provides a deep dive cultural package that will make you familiar with local culture and practices. You can also request bike riding classes and take Dutch lessons, so you’ll learn to navigate your new city like a local in no time! 


If lifestyle services are right up your alley, do not hesitate to check out our page. We’ll direct you to Dutch Uncle and they’ll offer a solution for all your requests!