Jouke is bringing years of hospitality experience with him. He's dedicated to operations, staff and finance, but also happy to fix a faulty computer from time to time.
Jouke Baaima


Michael is making ‘noise’ in the international market as well as at the office and is responsible for all commercial activities and acquisition.
Michael Berendsen


Eva is responsible for both the legal and accounting departments. She is as dedicated in her spinning class as making sure things run smoothly at the office.
Eva van Zijl

Manager Finance and Legal

Our Sales Manager Maurice (also known as 'Dries' amongst colleagues) wins anyone - in and outside the office - over with his charm. We're lucky to have him on board!
Maurice Noten

Sales Manager

'Eefje' is the creative brain of our team. Sometimes we wonder if she is daydreaming or thinking about a new design, but we do know that the outcome will be spectacular again!
Eva Valkhoff

Communication & Marketing Manager

Cindy has made herself indispensable from the moment she stepped foot in the office. With her energy and go-getter attitude, she gets anything done.
Cindy Dissels

Service Manager

With Emma’s love for analysis, her experience in the hospitality business and true English politeness in her roots, she plays a significant role in our company's success!
Emma Cruwys

Revenue Manager

Els is bringing years of five star hospitality experience into the company. She is responsible for the well being of our residents in Rotterdam and The Hague.
Els Brouwer

Service Desk Coordinator

Saskia is the team reservations manager. She is known for her organized and hardworking attitude. Her experience will bring our reservation team to an even higher level!
Saskia Bettinger

Team Reservations Manager

After traveling the world, Anjani joined our team. With her crazy organizational skills she ensures that bookings & clients are taken care off - all with a French touch.
Anjani de Graaf

Reservations Supervisor

Milena is a very welcome addition to the reservations team. She speaks our clients’ language (quite literally since she speaks five different languages!)
Milena Oluic

Reservations Coordinator

Don't let her calm and Dutch look fool you, Laila has that Spanish spirit about her that just fits CHF. She also happens to speak Spanish perfectly. ¡Vamos!
Laila Ras

Reservations Coordinator

Thijs is "proudly part of the CHF dream-team" and we are equally proud to have him on board as a champion of hospitality and positive vibes!
Thijs Blom

Reservations Coordinator

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Maxime can tell our guests everything about capital. How lovely her boyfriend takes care of her for lunch, she takes care of our guests.
Maxime Bierman

Service Desk Host

Renske goes through life with a sunny disposition and greets each and everyone of our residents with that big bright smile of hers. We're happy to have her as part of our team!
Renske Maas

Service Desk Coordinator

Born in the East, living in the West; Pim is our Marketing and Sales Assistant. With his neutral 'down to earth' mindset, he can tackle every challenge!
Pim Flint

Marketing and Sales Assistant

Alexandra is spontaneous and attentive, but that’s not all.. With her bright smile, she makes our guests feel super welcome!
Alexandra Kinsella

Service Coordinator

Carel knows Rotterdam by heart. He can tell you about all the ins and outs and gives our arriving guests there a warm welcome, next to being our handyman 🙂
Carel van der Noll

Service Desk Host

Jody is our Sun of the South. She knows everything about Eindhoven and our apartments there. With her personal touch, she always makes our guests feel at home.
Jody van der Duin

Service Desk Coordinator

Another hospitality expert! Together with Hendrik Jan forms a reliable, experienced team taking care of our residents staying ‘down south’.
Jan Verberne

Service Desk Host

With his vast experience in the hospitality industry Hendrik makes sure everything in terms of arrivals and requests runs smoothly in our apartments in Eindhoven.
Hendrik Beks

Service Desk Host

Vera is our super staff member and with her superpowers she helps both the Service Desk as well as the Commercial Desk wherever she can!
Vera Mulders

Super Support

Besides running her own succesful webshop, Joanne is one of our service host stars.
Joanne Schram

Super Support

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