Our Team

Jouke Baaima
Jouke is bringing years of hospitality experience with him. He’s dedicated to operations, staff and finance, but also happy to fix a faulty computer from time to time.
Michael is making ‘noise’ in the international market as well as at the office and is responsible for all commercial activities and acquisition.
Michael Berendsen
Eva van Zijl
Head of Finance & Legal
Eva is responsible for both the legal and finance departments. She is as dedicated in her spinning class as making sure things run smoothly at the office.
Nayton is already a legend in the serviced apartment industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and with his social skills and positive attitude he is taking Sales to the next level!
Nayton Craig
Head of Sales
Eva Valkhoff
Head of Marketing
‘Eefje’ is the creative brain of our team. Sometimes we wonder if she’s daydreaming or thinking about a new design, but we do know that the result will be spectacular!
Cindy has made herself indispensable from the moment she stepped foot in the office. With her energy and go-getter attitude, she gets anything done.
Cindy Dissels
Head of Operations
Marijke van der Neut
Sales Manager
Meet Marijke, our office fashionista! She manages to bring style to the office and is our Sales queen. When she isn’t taking care of our corporate accounts, she loves watching footy (Ajax!) with her boys.
Our always cheerful Lisa is a real asset. From our social media channels to our events, running around with her schedules she makes sure everything is on point!
Lisa Gritter
Senior Marketing Specialist
Amélie van den Akker
Junior Marketing Specialist
From Brussels and the serviced apartment industry in London to Amsterdam – we feel fortunate to have Amélie as our newest Marketing asset. Always easy going and naturally creative!
Spanish by chance, Dutchie by choice. Our new marketing intern is ready to surprise us with some fresh ideas and.. tapas at our weekly borrel (we hope;)
Marina Michiels
Marketing & Communications Intern
Priscilla Man
IT Coordinator
Priscilla is our IT Coordinator who organises our digital landscape. A useful skill which she also utilises for her growing collection of 80+ pairs of sneakers!
Juliette is a real chef. She knows exactly which ingredients she needs to make your stay a success that will hunger for more!
Juliette Pruijn
Supervisor Reservations and Sales
Joëlle de Kok
Senior Reservations and Sales Coordinator
This rhythmic lady likes to bust a move. Turn on some music and Joëlle will help you find the perfect apartment while dancing around the office.

If the word “gezellig” was a person, it would be Tamara. This social butterfly is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Tamara Senten
Senior Reservations and Sales Coordinator
Ghislaine Ase
Reservations and Sales Coordinator
It’s always sunny where Ghislaine is! This happy gal is full of energy and creativity, she gets everything done with just a snap of her fingers.
Jose is a true people person with a heart for hospitality. With her passion for different languages and cultures (a.k.a. city trips), she is able to translate the wishes of our guests to the perfect outcome!
Jose Volten
Reservations and Sales Coordinator
Jennifer Fager
Reservations and Sales Coordinator
This Swedish business lady not only knows how to work her magic when it comes to finding you the perfect apartment, but she also owns her own 3D jewellery company. Talk about being talented!
While Fernanda works with numbers, this Latina (with Brazilian roots), always knows how to add a little spice to her work and our team.
Fernanda Furlanetto
Senior Finance Assistent
Monique de Souza Aurik
FInance Assistant
The girl with the golden voice in our office is Monique! She crunches the numbers and adds an energetic Brazilian flair to our workplace.
With her beaming smile, Renske welcomes all visitors of our office at the Zuidas. Her can-do attitude and superb organizational skills ensure that everything at our office is arranged to perfection.
Renske Evertsen
Office Coordinator
Alexandra Kinsella
Service Desk Supervisor
Alexandra is spontaneous and attentive, but that’s not all.. With her bright smile, she makes our guests feel super welcome!
Miquel is an allrounder; From helping guests find their way to helping the Marketing department design flyers!
Miquel Daale
Service Coordinator
Jody van der Duin
Service Coordinator
Jody is our Sun of the South, who knows everything about Eindhoven. With her personal touch, she always makes our guests feel at home.
Name a country and Jeremy has likely already been there! As a true expat from the moment he was born and with his background in hospitality, he knows exactly what our guests need and want during their stay.
Jeremy Hermelin
Service Coordinator
Anisha Neus
Service Desk Coordinator
Staying with us in Rotterdam? Then you can’t miss Anisha. With her radiant smile and cheerful attitude, she is sure to make guest feel welcome in their new home.
Marlon is studying to become a hospitality pro from Monday through Friday. On the weekends, he is here to give you a warm welcome as soon as you arrive!
Marlon Knape
Service Host
Angela Guimaraes
Housekeeping Coordinator
Angela is our linchpin when it comes to housekeeping. Together with her team she makes sure all our apartments are spic and span!
Our hospitality expert Jan is taking care of our residents staying ‘down south’ in Eindhoven.
Jan Verberne
Service Host
CHF Carel
Carel van der Noll
Service Host
Carel loves and knows Rotterdam by the heart. He can tell you all the ins and outs of this great city. Next to that, The Hague is also one of his specialties.