Welcome Home’s Grocery Service 


If you’ve been out of the loop then you might not have noticed that we have started a partnership with Welcome Home which allows us to extend the lifestyle services we can offer to our guests. Curious to know about al services? Then check out the brochure

Grocery Delivery Service

Now it’s time to announce that guests in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are in for an extra treatAs we’re now offering a grocery delivery service. Whether you just want a welcome package with all the essentials or want to avoid the crowds in grocery stores during quarantine (or always), its all possible! You can customize your order to fit your dietary preferences, as we understand that every cultural background has different needs. Then Welcome Home will ensure you receive the service and products that you desire. Depending on your wishes, different additional fees apply. 

If this sounds like music to your ears you can fill in this form and start your convenient grocery service lifestyle!