Experience of a Resident


We know it has been a tough time with the restrictions, especially for expats. That’s why we decided to ask some of our residents about their experiences. What was it like to stay with us during COVID? And what was the first thing they did when the Dutch government eased some measures? Carlos Palomares from Germany is s
taying in one of the apartments in our New Amsterdam property with his partner Rosa and their Husky and he’ll tell you all about it. Now, let’s get to know mr. Palomares!

  • Before we start, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Carlos Palomares, I’m 33 years old, originally from Mexico but have been living in Germany for the past 8 years. I’m travelling with my partner and our dog and I’m working for Philip Morris International. I haven’t found my ‘favourite’ restaurant, but have been discovering a lot of delicious Japanese restaurants 5 minutes away from here.

  • When it comes to staying away from home for business, finding somewhere that is more than just a place to sleep can make all the difference. Why did you choose a serviced apartment of Corporate Housing Factory (instead of a hotel). What are the perks?

I had several options to choose from and this one was on top. One important factor to consider is that not every place accepts pets. Me and Rosa, my partner, have been feeling very welcomed over here. Everything is in place and when you need assistance or repairs, everybody is keen to help.

  • Last year a lot changed due to COVID-19. Can you tell me about your experiences as an expat in the Netherlands in times of corona?

Fortunately enough, we arrived a couple of days/weeks after Corona regulations were loosen. This allowed us to experience Amsterdam to the fullest. For instance, King’s Day was a crazy party!

  • Which wine/band/app/take-away place has kept you alive and well during the coronavirus crisis?

Back in Hamburg, Germany, where we used to live, we ordered a lot from Mission Pizza and bought the local beer brand, Ratsherrn. Totally recommended if you have any trips to the port of Hamburg!

  • Luckily, due to a decreasing number of hospitalizations and infections due to COVID-19, the Dutch government has eased practically all measures. What was the first thing you did when all corona measures were suspended?

We started visiting friends and getting together; what a nice feeling to be surrounded by your loved ones. But still, that was back in Germany. Now in the Netherlands, it feels so liberating to be able to get into restaurants, bars, supermarkets and public transport without using a mask!

  • Were you able to see something of the beautiful city Amsterdam? If so, what did you enjoy most?

King’s Day was both unexpected and a nice surprise! We were not aware of such a celebration and we were happy we arrived on time to experience it. Moreover, our husky needs a lot of exercise, so this location makes it easier for us to walk our dog and visit many parks; Beatrix park is our favourite, but we have explored the Amsterdamse Bos, Vondelpark and Amstelpark, too! They are all at a walkable distance.

  • The government calls on employers to make agreements with staff that allow working from home to continue. If you’re still working from home every now and then – is there something you want to share with our community about working from a temporary home during these times?

I have both the opportunity to work from home and directly in the office. It is quite nice, though, to stay at home with Rosa and Tyson. The apartments are nice and big enough to actually host the both of us while working and studying at the same time! Apart from work, it is amazing to have a pool and a sauna. To be honest we do not go to the gym that often, but a run, cold shower, sauna and cold shower is always an amazing combination.