Corporate Housing Factory is committed to the health and safety of all our clients, guests and associates. We believe that the comfort of hospitality is needed most of all in challenging times like these. Some of us may not be able to get back home and are in need of a temporary home.

Do you need help, have a question or should you become aware of any situation that needs our assistance or knowledge, please contact us immediately at +31 (088) 1169 501, at or use our contact form at the bottom of this page. Our team is here for you!

DUTCH COVID measures applied nationwide

As of Saturday the 25th of September, the following COVID measures will apply:

  • Catering establishments and events still close at midnight;
  • The maximum capacity of most venues is back to 100%, with an exception for events (75%);
  • It is no longer mandatory to keep 1.5 metres distance in public areas, though still recommended;
  • The requirement to wear a face mask still applies on public transport, aeroplanes and other forms of passenger transport, but no longer inside of stations and airports, and in secondary schools. Passengers who do not wear a face mask can be fined €95.

To support the relaxation of the 1.5 metres distance rule, it will become mandatory to display a COVID pass in the following places:

  • In all catering establishments (except for take-away restaurants);
  • At events (such as festivals, performances, and professional sports competitions);
  • At exhibitions of art and culture (cinemas, theatres, and museums).

This applies indoors, with or without a fixed seat. The COVID pass must be used by all individuals aged 14 or over.

The COVID pass in further detail

Getting your valid COVID pass and entering a venue consists of three simple steps:

  1. Download the CoronaCheck-app or go to;
  2. Upload your proof (proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or proof of a negative COVID test result);
  3. Show your QR-code in the app together with a valid form of identification at the place you want to enter!

It is also possible to use the COVID pass which is used by another country if you have proof through one of these programs, just make sure to show the internationally recognised QR-code.

There are 3 ways to get a COVID pass in the CoronaCheck app:

  1. Vaccination certificate
    Full covid vaccination with a European approved vaccine. In the Netherlands, a vaccination is usually valid from 14 days after you have been fully vaccinated. Were you vaccinated with Janssen on or after 14 August 2021? Then your vaccination will be valid in the Netherlands after 28 days. The CoronaCheck app can usually retrieve your vaccination certificate automatically from the systems of RIVM or GGD.
  2. Proof of recovery
    Proof of a positive coronavirus test from at least 11 days ago and no more than 180 days ago.
  3. Proof of negative COVID test
    A negative test result from less than 24 hours before the activity.
Travelling to the netherlands
  • If you wish to enter or return from the EU/Schengen area to the Netherlands, check these points before you travel.
  • If you wish to enter or return to the Netherlands from outside the EU/Schengen area, check these points before you travel.
About COVID-19

The virus has officially been labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). To contain the coronavirus in the Netherlands the Dutch Government has taken additional measures. What does this mean:

Which measures did Corporate Housing Factory take?

As ever, the safety and security of our guests and team members remains our number one priority. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In response to the coronavirus, we have taken additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous:

measures covid Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to give you extra peace of mind!

Are you missing certain information? Let us know by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Covid-19 FAQ

I am worried about my health. What should I do?

If you have symptoms, get tested as soon as possible and stay at home.

Can I still go grocery shopping or walk my dog?

If you don’t have any symptoms, you can go and do some grocery shopping or walk your dog. If you keep an arm’s length away from others, the chance that others will infect you with COVID-19 or that you will infect others is small. If you have symptoms, get tested as soon as possible and stay at home.

Can I use public transport?

Only use public transport if there is no alternative. Avoid rush hours and keep as far apart as possible.
From June 1 wearing a non-medical face mask will be compulsory when travelling on public transport.

Is it safe to travel abroad?

For current travel advice, please visit the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information about travelling by plane, visit the website of Schiphol Airport.

Which additional housekeeping measures do we take?

We made some adjustments to our housekeeping protocol to ensure both your health and safety as well as that of our cleaners. From now on all employees clean the apartments wearing gloves and replace them after finishing each apartment. Also, we ask our housekeeping team to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from residents and colleagues. This means that our staff may ask you to move to another room of the apartment while cleaning. If you stay in one of our studio’s our Service Desk will contact you to make other arrangements.

If you do not want your apartment cleaned due to distance measures please contact our Service Desk and we will make a new appointment.

If you are not feeling well, your apartment will not be cleaned. Please contact our Service Desk to make other arrangements. If possible our staff can provide fresh towels and linen.

I would like to extend, change or cancel my stay with Corporate Housing Factory. How can I do that?

If you have a question about your stay with us it is best to contact us at +31 (088) 1169 501 or at

important information providers

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

World Health

The European Center of Disease Prevention and Control

latest news about Covid-19

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