Travelling in times of corona

The first peak seems to be over and international travel is starting to get going again. However, not all countries opened up their borders yet. On June 3, our Prime Minister Mark Rutte talked about how travelling during summer 2020 will be different to what we’re used to. Are you planning to travel to other […]

Corona creativity

The coronavirus has a great impact on our lives. Eating and drinking establishments and sports and fitness centres are closed and even visiting others has been restricted. A lot of us are also not able to go to the office. In this blog you will find helpful tips and fun activities to do, while not […]

Useful links

Do you want to know everything about COVID-19? The following websites provide you with the latest news: – General information:IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) Dutch News:                                  Kingdom of the Netherlands (Information about the travel ban): U-Center (Free professional support for expats): AmsterdamCity of Amsterdam: I Amsterdam: I Amsterdam: – […]

Speech by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

On Monday April 16, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte addressed the country on live-television. He talked about the measures taken to contain the coronavirus in the Netherlands. His speech is translated in English, you can find the full text of his speech here:

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