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Hoge Duin The Hague

Hoge Duin is located in the former Shell headquarters. In this building, which is recently transformed into a property with premium housing and comfortable short stay apartments, the highest standards of sustainability are applied. The focus on eco-friendly features and materials can be found throughout the building as well as in the apartments. Our fourteen short stay apartments and the two guest rooms are situated on the ground floor.

Living in Hoge Duin means living green and quietly in the city, with plenty of recreational areas within walking distance. The project is located directly on the estate Arendsdorp / Oostduin (large nature areas) and is situated next to the stately Benoordenhout district. In this leafy and much-loved neighborhood, you can find a wide selection of artisan shops, exclusive fashion stores and quite a few good restaurants and cafes. The Hague’s downtown and Scheveningen (beach) can be reached easily with excellent transport links just a short walk away.

In short, Hoge Duin offers sustainable homes in a green and quiet area with the city’s busy city center always nearby. What’s not to love?

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The Hague is, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the third-largest city in The Netherlands. It is the city where our government is seated and there are numerous museums and beautiful architectural structures worth visiting.

We’ve made a small selection of some highlights of this interesting city.

Where to eat?


Frederikstraat 32
2514 LK Den Haag
070 331 19 75


Frederikstraat 973
2514 LJ Den Haag
070 360 0695


Stratumsedijk 9
2514 EC Den Haag
070 360 4906


Van Hoytemastraat 43
2596 EN Den Haag
070 800 2121

What to do?


Wassenaarseweg 44
2596 CJ Den Haag
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Strandweg 150-154
2586 JW Den Haag
06 103 86 859
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Wassenaarseweg Den
2597 VH Den Haag
070 353 3000
Google Maps   |   Tripadvisor


Binnenhof 1
2513 AA Den Haag
Google Maps   |   Tripadvisor


Plein 29
2511 CS Den Haag
070 302 3480
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George Maduroplein 1
2584 RZ Den Haag
Google Maps   |   Tripadvisor

Where to shop?


Passage 72
2511 AA Den Haag
+31 (0)70 649 1450


Noordeinde 52
2514 GJ Den Haag
14 070

All  you need to know for your stay from A to Z.

Bicycle storage

Your bicycle can be stored at the property (free of charge).
For more information feel free to contact our office.

Cleaning service

We provide cleaning services on a weekly basis. The designated cleaning day can be found on the welcome letter you received. We do a general cleaning of your apartment. If you would like to know what we expect from you, please check the section ‘tenants responsibilities’.

Extra bed

Expecting guests? We are happy to place an extra bed in your apartment!
If you would like us to place an extra bed in your room, there is an additional charge of €20 per night excluding 21% VAT.

Please contact us at or +31 (0)88 1169 500


Garbage removal is not included in the weekly cleaning. Our garbage bins are located on level -1. We separate glass, paper, cardboard and plastic as these will be recycled. Please help us in recycling as much as possible to keep a greener environment!

In the garbage area you can find bins for plastic, paper, carboard and household waste.

Glass bins are not located in this area and can be found here:
Ridderlaan – 8 minute walk from Hoge Duin
Mauvestraat – 10 minute walk from Hoge Duin


The blue tag which you have received can be used to open the main entrance door. You can swipe the tag on the wall reader. The blue tag is also used to open your apartment door.

The hard key can be used to open the door for the garbage area and the bicycle storage area.


The mailboxes can be found on the ground floor. You received a key to open your personal mailbox. Your apartment number corresponds with the mailbox number.

Did you receive mail for a previous tenant? Please drop the letter in our office mailbox (number 5).

Moving away but still expecting mail here? Please share your new address with us and we will forward incoming mail to you.
Please do not forget to sign out or change your address at the city hall during your week of your departure.

No-smoking policy

Corporate Housing Factory is 100% smoke-free.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building, only outside on the street. Neglecting this rule will result in a finen of €250 (and neither of us wants this to happen). Therefore, we highly appreciate your cooperation in respecting our no-smoking policy.

Smoking is allowed on the balcony if the balcony door is closed.


At our property of Hoge Duin we have limited parking spaces. Parking costs are €16 per night excluding 21% Vat. Please inform us if you would like to reserve a parking spot.

Power sockets

In the Netherlands the standard voltage is 230 V.
Forgot your adapter? Please contact us and we will be happy to lend you one!

Tap water

Tap water is drinkable in the apartment. Be sure to use it wisely and think of the environment.

Technical issues

Having any technical issues in your apartment? Please let us know and we will try to resolve this as soon as possible for you!

Tenants responsibilities

Please take the following in consideration:

  • Please help our cleaning staff and put your personal belongings aside, put used dishes in the dishwasher or sink and make sure the floor is clear on the day our housekeeping staff is scheduled to clean your apartment.
  • Dispose of the garbage.
  • Avoid dried-on or burnt deposits to prevent damage of the stove.
  • Report damage as soon as possible.


We unfortunately have to charge you a minimum fine of €150 in case of noncompliance.

Welcome amenities

To give you a warm welcome in your temporary home, you receive several welcome amenities from us. These amenities include coffee, tea, dish washer tablets, washing machine tablets, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. These items are not refilled during the weekly cleaning.


The login and password of your WIFI network can be found on your welcome letter.

Having problems connecting? Please try to reset the internet connection by resetting the router. The router can be found in the storage area at the entrance of your apartment.

The Virtual Check-in

The Entrance

The Kitchen

The Living

Opening hours

What are the opening hours of +James reception

The opening hours of +James reception are:

Weekdays:       07:00 am – 08:00 pm

Saturday:         09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Sunday:            Closed

What are the opening hours of the office of Corporate Housing Factory?

The opening hours of the office of Corporate Housing Factory are:

On weekdays from 09:00 am – 01:00 pm.
On Saterdays from 09:00 am – 01:00 pm OR 10:00 am – 02:00 pm.
On Sundays the office is closed.

The office is located opposite the main entrance.

Food & Beverages

Where can I find the nearest supermarkets?

The nearest supermarkets can be found on the following locations:

Albert Heijn, Weissenbruchstraat 116 – 700 meters from Hoge Duin – open until 9 PM.
Albert Heijn, Sumatrastraat 2 – 650 meters from Hoge Duin – open until 10 PM
Albert Heijn, Theo Mann-Bouwmeesterlaan 9 – 1.4 KM from Hoge Duin  – open until 9 PM.

Where can I order food?

If you want to order food during your stay, you can use your apartment address. As the building is new, it can happen that you will need to walk to the street to pick up your delivery. Hereby an option to order food:


Public Transport

Do I need a public transport card?

If you want to travel with public transport, you need to use a OV-chip card.

The anonymous OV-chip card (€7,50) can be purchased at train station counters and reloaded at NS kiosks. Nevertheless, you can also buy an online card here.

Do not forget to check yourself in and out to avoid a fine.

How do I get to Den Haag Centraal?

Bus to Den Haag Centraal
You can take bus number 20 towards Den Haag Centraal. The bus stop is in front of the property of Hoge Duin and is called Groenhovenstraat. The second stop is at the ‘Weissenbruchlaan’. This stop is closest to the supermarket Albert Heijn and the shopping street.

Tram to Den Haag Centraal
The tram stop is an 8 minute walk from the property Hoge Duin. You can take tram 9 from tram stop ‘Laan-copes-van-cattenburch’ towards Den Haag Centraal. 

How do I get to Scheveningen Beach?

The tram stop is an 8 minute walk from the property Hoge Duin. You can take tram 9 from tram stop ‘Laan-copes-van-cattenburch’ towards Scheveningen Noord. Here you can enjoy the beach and the boulevard with lots of restaurants and little shops.

Where can I rent a bike?

The closest bike rental shop is Rijwielshop Centraal, near Central Station.


Package deliveries

If you would like to order a package during your stay, please use your apartment address. Not home during the day? The reception of +James will accept your package and you will be able to pick it up during their opening hours.

Registration letter

Need to register at the “Gemeente Den Haag”? Our bookings department will be happy to provide you with a registration letter. If you need to sign up your family members as well, please inform us with their first and last names.

Please note: All residents that register at the city hall will receive a tax bill for waste collection which is not part of the rental agreement and must be paid by the resident.

What to do in case you locked yourself out?

Let us know and we will be happy to open the apartment door for you!
If this occurs, please contact our Service Desk, our colleagues will then contact Trigion for you.

Loss of keys
In case of a lost electronic apartment key, please inform us as soon as possible so we are able to deactivate your apartment key. When replacing the apartment key, we will be obliged to charge you €50 excluding 21% VAT.

In case of a lost hard key, a fee of €25 excluding 21% VAT will be charged.
In case of a lost hard key the change of the locks is €300.

What to do in case of technical emergencies?

In case of technical emergencies you can call: +31 (0)88 1169 509.

What to do in case of fire?

  1. Call 112
  2. Report your name, your location (including apartment number) and the scope


Always follow the instructions from the emergency services.

What to do in case of an emergency/accident?

  1. Call 112
  2. Report your name, your location (including apartment number) and the nature/number of victims


Always follow the instructions from the emergency services.

What to do in case of an evacuation?

  1. Leave the building calmly, do not run
  2. Do not use the elevator
  3. Go to the assembly location on the field (across the street)


Always follow the instructions from the emergency services.

What to do in case of a (non-urgent) medical emergency?

For (non-urgent) medical emergencies, you can make an appointment at a general hospital.

HMC Bronovo
Bronovolaan 5
2597 AX Den Haag

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